Lens Technology


    The new Twilight technology offers the advantages of ESP with a double anti-fog coating (on both sides of the lenses) to prevent fogging in the most challenging conditions.

    Designed and used in low light conditions, it improves contrast. Its light transmission rate is perfect for outdoors, particularly early morning and late evening. Twilight filters 76% of blue light.

    Available in the ASSAULT frame.



    Polarized lens: technology approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality, it offers unbeatable comfort by filtering glare and reflections. Ideal for the maritime environment. Filter 99.99% of UVA/UVB. The polarizing filter contains perfectly aligned crystals, which block horizontally polarized light. Acting like a  Venetian blind, it eliminates dazzle and only lets "useful" light pass through.

    Polarized lenses offer incomparable comfort on water, and also for outdoor activities, driving and around town.


    • an organic polycarbonate lens ultra resistant to impact
    • eliminates glare due to light reflection
    • improves colour perception and visual comfort
    • improves perception of contrast and depth
    • reduces eye strain.

    POLARIZED is available in:  RANGER, SWAT



    Bollé Safety revolutionizes eye protection with an innovation that meets all international standards.


    This permanent coating applied on both surfaces makes them highly scratch-resistant (1.4 cd/m²), gives them high resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and slows the appearance of fogging. In any circumstances and at every moment, Platinum provides the highest safety for eyes. Available in select products.

  • ESP

    ESP lens: ESP, Extra Sensory Perception.
    An innovative coating to reduce dazzle and the harmful affects of blue light.

    The ESP coating filters:
    • 57% of blue light
    • transmits 64% of visible light
    • 99.99% of UVA/UVB

    As a reminder, our clear lenses filter:
    • 10% of blue light
    • 10% of visible light
    • 99.99% of UVA/UVB

    Why protect eyes from blue light?
    • blue light diffusion is 10 times more powerful than red light
    • blue light radiates in all directions
    • blue light damages the retina

    • reduction of visual acuity
    • loss of contrast and depth
    • discomfort and dazzle
    • eye strain, headaches
    • blurred vision

    Blue light radiation is in the range of 380 and 480 nm.

    Consequences of blue light radiation could be partial or total blindness. ESP is a perfect coating for indoor/outdoor use.



    Equalizer is the high performance goggle system for protecting against fog. Thanks to its double lens and regulation patch, the equalizer filters and regulates moisture levels in the goggles.

    Available in: X1000 DUO

  • CSP

    Recommended for extreme hot or cold conditions
    Like ESP, this innovative coating is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light, while also being suitable for extreme temperature environments. Ideal for cold and hot countries, from the Far East to Siberia! CSP technology to filter blue light is combined with the exclusive PLATINUM coating, to sustainably combat fogging and provide permanent visual comfort from a single pair of glasses.

    Available soon in the COMBAT.

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